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What's Happening

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Infants and Toddlers trip to the Botanical Gardens

As part of our centre's current programme "It's a beautiful life" we went on an exciting bus trip to the Botanical Gardens in Manuwera. What an amazing place for our children to explore, discover and delight in the beautiful gardens that we visited. As well as exploring a variety of garden areas we also saw ducks and eels at the pond, creepy crawlies hiding under leaves and rocks and a delicious lunch at the cafe before we headed back to our little centre for a much needed rest.

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Exploring the Elements of Snow

The early childhood centre children visited the infant and toddler centre where a huge mountain of snow was delivered in the morning. The children made big snow angels, snow balls, volcanoes, and many mountains.  Their imaginations were able to run wild as there was no limit to what could be created. 


The children investigate with their hands, touching, squeezing, digging and scraping the snow.


Charlotte, preferred the pink snow to the white snow.


Nathan concentrates whilst pouring the snow back into his mountain.