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Early Childhood Centre

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Early Childhood Centre

Welcome to the Early Childhood Centre

The early childhood centre is situated in the Flanshaw Road School Grounds and was established to provide support for the families and children in the local community.  The early childhood centre is licenced for children aged between 3 to school entry level.  We are licensed for 35 children per day and offer 20 hours ECE for all children over 3 years. 

The teachers at Flanshaw are committed to providing experiences that is are stimulating and challenging for children's development and stem from their current interests.   We believe that children learn and develop best in an environment where the teacher has a respectful image of children as being competent and capable young people.

We have a close relationship with Flanshaw Road School which supports our children and their families as they transition to school.



Our Curriculum

Our philosophy of teaching and learning is underpinned by Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. 

Our programme is driven by childrens interests. We create a co-operative, collaborative approach to learning where:

  • learners actively participate
  • teachers become learners and children sometimes teach
  • respect is given to every member
  • invetigations and questions capture childrens interests and challenge them
  • diversity is celebrated and contributions are valued
The environment provides children with meaningful experiences to inquire and explore their thoughts and theories.  Play is emphasised as an important part of their learning.
Play provides:
  • opportunities to develop social competence through interactions with others
  • stratagies to resolve conflict peacefully 
  • stratagies to negiotiate and problem solve 
  • opportunities to grow self confidence
Take a look at our teaching statement for more information