Infant and Toddler Centre

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Early Childhood Centre

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The Flanshaw Centres Incorporated Society governs the two Early Childhood Centres. The Committee is responsible for the governance overview. The Committee is made up of a Board respresentative from the Flanshaw Road School, and parents from the early chidlhood centres.  Each year there is an Annual General Meeting where parents are invited and encouraged to join the committee and get involved in the decision making of these centres.

Our current Committee members are:-

Chairperson  -  Amy Thompson

Co Chair - Laura Oxnam

Secretary -      Pip Turner

Treasurer -      Luke Fasenkloet

Committee members

  • Maggie Reid (Flanshaw Road School Representaative)
  • Sinead Wogan
  • Bodene Lee
  • Purdey Redfearn (Centre manager and licensee)